UI/UX Design - Crypto Gaming Platform

I was tasked with creating an interface and seamless user experience for an new cryptocurrency based gaming platform. I worked with back-end developers to integrate my front-end design with the existing game systems and cryptocurrency interface.

Client Goals

  • Animated, fresh futuristic aesthetic
  • Draw attention to new games and promotions
  • Allow for integration with the Tron cryptocurrency wallet
  • Create a chat UI
  • Make the user experience comparable with industry leaders and ensure user retention

Implemented Solutions

  • Developed branded graphic assets representing the individual games and functions of the website
  • As the desired framework was uncertain, I wrote clear semantic HTML/CSS with a view of it being ported to React/Angular in the future.
  • Created a home/account/wallet/chat/game page that incorporates the brand identity that we esthablished
  • Used CSS/SVG animation to draw attention to intended areas and engage the user base.
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