RocketGX - Website Design

RocketGX are a BMS/BAS graphics company specialised in providing high quality vector based imaging to their multi-national clients.

I worked alongside them to produce a website that acts as a brochure showcasing the level of work that they are capable of for potential clients. The advantage of using SVG for website design is actually in the name "-scaleable- vector graphics", allowing them to demonstrate to the client through their website the fact that the graphics that they produce display perfectly no matter how they are scaled, which is one of the format's huge advantages over raster image formats like JPEG.

BMS/BAS graphics can also benefit greatly from animation when put into practice, with animated vectors illustrating inactive and active components far more efficiently than motion video. We decided to showcase animation through the vector graphics on the page, activated by scroll and using different sequences for mobile and desktop versions of the website.

Client Goals

  • Refined aesthetic that communicates their industry leading graphic design talent
  • High-end, complex SVG animation sequences
  • SEO optimization and schema
  • Display previous clients and demonstrate a high level of competency without exposing intellectual property to piracy

Implemented Solutions

  • Worked together to create custom SVG graphics and backgrounds for the website
  • Used JS to animate the provided vectors, triggered by scrolling and using multiple sequences for both desktop and mobile views to allow a user friendly experience across all devices
  • Implemented best SEO practices and oversaw the copywriting process in order to acheive the best ranking based on crawlable content
  • Placed groundwork for further expansion and more complex client management systems in the future


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