Kit Builder - Interactive Clothing Customizer

The client has requested that their company name be kept hidden due to the competitive nature of their industry.

The company that approached me provides custom football kits and other sports garments for league teams and schools. Rather than provide their clients with paper forms to fill out, and complicated colour swatches they wanted their website to operate as a platform to create custom kits. With only existing studio photography of the uncoloured garments, I was tasked with finding a solution to provide a custom clothing platform on their website. The images would be at the core of this project, as I saw the value of the platform weighing on the quality of the user experience and graphical representations of their chosen garments.

Client Goals

  • Present an accurate visual representation of the customised kit for the consumer.
  • Use a branded UI for the customizer element
  • Attain an edge over competition by providing a more visual and engaging user experience in custom kits
  • Implement over 200 products into this system
  • Create a solid, replicable system to bring photos of clothes from the studio to the kit builder

Implemented Solutions

  • Created a system that allowed .png files to be overlaid with each representing a seperate part/colour in the garment
  • Created a repeatable reliable process that allowed different elements of clothing in photos to be isolated and extracted for recolouring and layering
  • Created a branded UI that represents company branding
  • Ensured the output of said system would be automated, clear and concise for production specifications

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