Dr Aesthetica - Website Design

Dr Aesthetica approached me enquiring about a full website redesign. Dr Aesthetica operates in Birmingham offering cosmetic beauty interventions. The old website was not meeting the requirements of his rapidly expanding business. We met to discuss the problems with his current website, and the changes we could implement to resolve them and allow for future growth

Client Goals

  • New aesthetic that conforms to new branding requirements
  • New way to present the multitude of different news/questions/treatments that he addresses in his blog
  • More consistent calls to action
  • More robust and appealing callback form
  • Establishing a solid layout for pages that address both treatments and conditions

Implemented Solutions

  • Rebuilt website using only existing graphics and copy from the ground up
  • Created custom graphics denoting different service types and treatments
  • Implemented a robust menu that could allow for hundreds of options if required to allow for future growth
  • Created a new more appealing modal callback form
  • Created web page layouts that can remain consistent with future additions of treatments and conditions
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