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How to provide valuable SEO consultancy to clients

Website Consultancy can cover a wide range of topics, usually the client will approach you with goals in mind regarding layout, design, search engine optimization, performance but even if your client does not have any of these in mind, we can use them as touchstones to provide a valuable experience to them. If the client approaches you with rankings as their main area for concern, it is important to give them as much unique insight as possible.

The most important thing I’ve learned in SEO optimization and all other forms of web consultancy is : You’re not selling the service or the tools, you’re selling you. The consultant themselves, the way they communicate and the way they can demonstrate previous success is more valuable than ticking arbitrary boxes and reselling expensive tools.

Understand their goals, manage expectations

How ambitious is the client’s ranking goals in line with their budget and timeframe? Have they been promised outlandish “1st result on google for high volume international search term in weeks” goals by competitors?  If this is the case then the first challenge is the evidence to them realistic, organic search goals.

Analyse competitors

Check search terms to see who the main competitors of your client are. Estimate the budget of the competitors and what a realistic timeframe and budget for higher rankings would be. If this isn’t within your client’s budget then look for more local, niche terms where you can edge out the competition.

Link Generation

With smaller clients there are a variety of link generation avenues to persue that are free and effective in the form of directories, industry platforms and social media. This can be a great jump off point for the client to get involved and take some steps towards building their online presence before involving an SEO consultant.

Page Speed

Page speed is strongly evidenced as a ranking factor in websites, especially on mobile devices. We can use the google page speed insights tool to show the client where they currently stand, and what remedial actions we can take to improve the score.

Be Accountable

Providing a good SEO service come hand in hand with being accountable. You need to be able to show your client how your work is directly driving leads and traffic to their business. Outside of expensive services, google analytics provides a free and easy platform to generate reports and show month by month improvement. While providing insights to clients with even it’s most basic functions, click tracking and goal tracking can be set up to illustrate more clearly the journey of their clients through the website.